Natural Gas Line Repair and Installation

Natural Gas Appliances and Applications

We service and install new natural-gas connections for the following:

  • Gas range
  • Gas oven
  • Gas clothes dryer
  • Gas central heat furnace
  • Gas water heater
  • Gas fireplace
  • Outdoor gas grill
  • Outdoor gas fire pit
  • Commercial kitchens

Licensed plumbers qualified and experienced with safe natural gas line additions and installations
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Natural Gas Installations

In the state of Kansas, only licensed plumbers are legally qualified to perform work on natural gas systems. Considering the dangers in working with a flammable fuel source, local cities require the application of permits for working on natural gas lines. Upon completion of the work, city inspectors are required to rule the work in compliance with city code.


To safely power a natural gas appliance, optimal line pressure must be maintained relative to the demand placed on the system. When calculating the demand placed on the line, capacity or diameter of the pipe may require re-plumbing part or all of the system. When evaluating expansion of your natural gas system, trust Plumbing Solutions to accurately determine the existing capacity and the potential for additional work required to install your appliance.