Plumbing Appliance Repair and Installation

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

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What relationship does your garbage disposal have with your dishwasher? More than you may know. Garbage disposals are intended to remove food from dining ware prior to loading the dishwasher. Too often, they’re expected to dispose of more than they were designed for. Overstressing the disposal can lead to premature failure of the disposal unit and may be overloading the plumbing with food debris. If your kitchen sink is slow to drain, if the garbage disposal makes an unsettling racket when powered on or if you notice an unpleasant odor coming from the disposal, it’s time for a visit with a Plumbing Solutions licensed plumber. We’ll evaluate the garbage disposal and related system components to determine the best plan for repair or replacement.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Did you know that some water heaters are serviceable? If routine checkups are regularly performed, many anecdotal recounts of cracked tanks and spewing water could be spared. Inevitably, a tank is bound to rust and the hot water heater requires replacement. If monitored, the unit can be replaced before it’s an emergency — before any unfortunate damage to property and possessions. Get ahead of the curve and start planning for the installation of your next hot water heater. With time on our side, Plumbing Solutions can help put together a proposal of a new, more energy-efficient hot water heater to deliver years of reliable service.

Water Filtration Systems

Water quality varies from one location to the next, even though there may be one originating source delivering water to an entire city. If the quality of your water is a concern, the best place to start is testing by an independent laboratory. A licensed plumber familiar with a city can make general recommendations when selecting a filtration system for your home, but ultimately the most optimal application depends upon the quality of your water supply.

Shower-mounted filters, under-sink filtration and reverse osmosis systems for one faucet and whole house pre-filtration systems each have their strong suits:

  • Shower-mounted filters can reduce the effects of chlorine on hair and skin.
  • A refrigerator and under-sink filtration and reverse osmosis system can reduce chlorine taste and odor in drinking water and reduce lead and microbial cysts.
  • Household pre-filtration systems, a refrigerator filter and a reverse osmosis system can reduce agricultural and industrial pollutants.
  • Only a whole-house pre-filtration system reduces rust and sediment.
  • For bottled-water quality, look to an under-sink reverse osmosis system.