Sink, Toilet, Fixture Repair and Installation


Sink Installations

New construction and remodels require a professional sink installation, paying special attention to the details. Stone countertops with stainless basins, glass basins atop wooden countertops — with each combination of materials comes a whole new set of considerations, and your finish is at stake. Trust Plumbing Solutions for a professional finish.

Plumbing Solutions of Wichita repairs and installs faucets, basins and toilets.
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Toilet Repair and Installation

Does the water supply to your toilet cycle on and off when not in use? Does it stop running at all? Leaky toilets aren’t only a waste of water, they can also lead to more-costly repairs, such as a rotted bathroom floor, if neglected for too long.

Toilet design has advanced over the years. Water conservation and the ability to quickly remove waste from the bowl promotes proper drainage and lower water bills. Not only has the functionality of toilets been improved, comfort has been addressed, as well. Whether it’s a repair, remodel or reinstallation, we’ll put that throne in its place.

Fixture Repair and Installation

Quality fixtures are built to last. However, nothing lasts forever. Water — and added chemicals — can be very harsh on metal valves and pipes. Gaskets meant to create a watertight fit eventually wear out. When a leak is observed, it’s easy to assume the worst — the fixture needs to be replaced. More often than not, though, the fixture can be repaired with new parts.

If you’ve discovered a leaky fixture or basin, take action and remedy the leak as soon as possible. If left untreated, a seemingly small nuisance can grow into a big repair bill.